Patient Referrals

Whether you’re referred to us by a doctor, by a friend, or by a family member, we always welcome new patients!

How Referral Works?

Based on the experience of the referral doctor and the unique needs of each patient, dentists recognize the extent of treatment needs and when a referral is required. Sometimes your general or family dentist will refer your child to our office to take care of a certain need or problem. This includes cavities, infections, tongue ties, or behavior issues.

  • Referring Families
    You can use this form to refer to friends or family members who would like to receive more information or need our specialized services.
  • Referring Doctors
    Previous dentists or family doctors can send all information, records, and radiography to our offices via our secure form or via email.

Contact Us If You Have Any Question

If you have any doubts or questions regarding patient referrals, procedures, and treatments, or want to set an appointment, please give Explorer Pediatric Dentistry a call.