Services Offered

Dr. Julie is highly and specially trained in treating children and patients with special needs. We see children from infancy through their teenage years, offering a range of dental care services in a safe environment.

Going to the dentist for regular visits can be as important to your child’s health as going to the pediatrician regularly. Finding the right fit for your family’s comfort level is crucial to developing a lifetime of good oral health. At Explorer Pediatric Dentistry, we want you and your child to feel comfortable and secure. Our services are tailored to your child, and his or her specific needs. We recognize children are unique individuals with their own thoughts (and fears) and we try our best to accommodate every patient in a personalized setting. We offer an array of services designed to grow with your child from infancy through their teenage years.


Why a Pediatric Dentist? For the same reason you take your child to the pediatrician and not your general medical practitioner. Dr. Julie is highly and specially trained in treating children and patients with special needs. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is recognized as a Diplomate for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. She will take special care with all of the patients to see that they get the treatments they need in the safe, gentle and nurturing environment they deserve.

Preventive Care

An exam is performed to assess your child’s oral health. It can include a gentle cleaning (even on your lap!) and discussions about growth and development.

Behavior Guidance

Dr. Julie and the staff at Explorer Pediatric Dentistry treat patients the same way we would want our own family members to be treated. Compassion and care are taken for you and your child to have a positive experience.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry restores teeth to proper health. It can include repairing or replacing missing and damaged teeth. These procedures are focused on keeping healthy functionality and can include BPA-free White fillings and White Pediatric Crowns.

Sedation Dentistry

Dental treatment can be scary for children. Dr. Julie makes every effort to put your child at ease. Sedation can allow all treatment to be completed in one appointment while your child is asleep.


Endodontics refers to a focused treatment of the inside of the tooth, also called the pulp and root canals where the nerve and blood supply are located. On grown-up teeth, these are root canal procedures. On baby teeth, they can be pulpotomies or pulpectomies.


Braces, aligners, expanders, and functional appliances can all help your child’s smile. Children as young as six and through adulthood can benefit from orthodontic intervention.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can mean the removal or extraction of baby teeth and or permanent teeth. Impacted teeth, infected teeth, teeth that can not be saved with restorative dentistry, and overcrowded teeth may need to be taken out.

Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue laser is used to complete revisions to soft tissues. From infants who are just hours old to older children, tongue and lip ties can prevent problems. The laser is used to release the tight frenum or frenulum. Tongue and lip ties can help the overall health of the child.

Smile Enhancements

Through prevention, guidance, and the right treatments, we can help you give your child a confident smile. We know that the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile!

Dental Emergencies

Trauma to the head may need immediate attention. If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.