Braces, aligners, expanders, and functional appliances can all help your child’s smile. Children as young as six and through adulthood can benefit from orthodontic intervention.

Healthy and Functional Smiles

Orthodontic treatments have many benefits, both esthetically and functionally. When required, Explorer Pediatric Dentistry can help your child have a perfect smile with a healthy and functional bite by allowing teeth to function as intended. This can be achieved with the use of traditional braces or more modern options:

  • Traditional braces
  • Invisalign
  • Clear Correct

Besides improving functionality, aesthetics are an added but very welcomed bonus of pediatric orthodontics. Not only will you ensure your kid’s future health but you will be also helping them boost their confidence.

Early Intervention and Phase One Treatment

From as young as six, teeth may appear maligned, crooked or crowded. Early intervention, including expanders, can help make room for grown-up teeth to come in. The expansion helps the bone expand to allow for a broader smile. Early intervention can include braces. Phase one treatment can help reduce the time in the treatment of braces or aligners when your child becomes a teenager. Orthodontics can help address many functional and esthetic issues such as crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and space maintenance from the early loss of teeth. To ensure a lifetime of oral health, we provide orthodontic treatment in a child-friendly and safe environment for new patients as well as patients with special needs.

Treatment and Guidance

Because every case is different and every patient has their own particular needs, at Explorer Pediatric Dentistry, services are tailored to each patient’s requirements. After assessing your child’s oral health, Dr. Julie will determine the best course of action and will also provide guidance so your kids can enjoy their best oral health.