Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can mean the removal or extraction of baby teeth and or permanent teeth. Impacted teeth, infected teeth, teeth that can not be saved with restorative dentistry, and overcrowded teeth may need to be taken out.

The Dental Care Your Child Deserves

Dr. Julie Rudgers Croft is highly and specially trained in treating children and patients with special needs. She understands that some parents and patients may feel anxious about dental procedures and will evaluate and treat your child with compassion. She will provide information and understanding so you may make the best decisions for your child’s health and your family’s well being! Your understanding and peace of mind are of the utmost importance. Oral surgery at Explorer Pediatric Dentistry can include:

  • Dental extractions
  • Exposures of unerupted teeth and canines
  • Frenectomy
  • Limited Endodontics

We are ready to provide children and patients with special needs with the dental care they deserve in a friendly, compassionate, gentle and safe environment.

Safety Comes First

Not all patients are the same. At Explorer Pediatric Dentistry you can rest assured that every precaution is taken at the time of procedures. Every child is an individual with his and her own feelings, fears and anxieties. Dr. Julie treats your child and your family with the respect and care you deserve. Dental procedures, whether a lip and tongue tie or a pulpotomy and crown can be complex. Your child’s safety is paramount to the experience. When children feel safe and secure, they often feel more relaxed. Dr. Julie will explain everything she does so everyone has peace of mind.

What Can You Expect From Any Procedure?

There are many reasons why your child might need oral surgery, these can range from pure cosmetic reasons to endodontics and functional issues. Before proceeding a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s oral health is performed. Dr. Julie tailor’s her services to fit your specific needs. Whether the exam occurs with your child on your lap or you are sitting close to hold his or her hands, we provide an experience to build a lifetime of good oral health.