Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry restores teeth to proper health. It can include repairing or replacing missing and damaged teeth. These procedures are focused on keeping healthy functionality and can include BPA-free White fillings and White Pediatric Crowns.

Creating Beautiful and Natural Smiles

The term “Restorative Dentistry” is used to describe the procedures required to replace damaged or missing teeth. Typically this is fillings and crowns, also called caps. Fillings and crowns are common options that can help your child smile. Cavities, trauma, or developmental problems can cause teeth to have problems. Many factors play into the health of teeth including genetics, heredity, diet, grinding, and acidity of saliva. Restorative dentistry improves teeth integrity and functionality impacting their overall health.

BPA-Free White Fillings

We only have white fillings at Explorer Pediatric Dentistry! Amalgam restorations or silver fillings can have harmful effects on the environment and our bodies. Staying true to our mission of developing a lifetime of good oral health, we are committed to providing the safest substances to replace or repair teeth. BPA-free fillings are the same as normal fillings but do not include the controversial BPA. Due to concerns over possible consequences of being exposed to BPA, fillings that are free of such substances are a much better option for your kids. As a result, Explorer Pediatric Dentistry uses a BPA-free version of composite fillings.

Pediatric Crowns (White or Stainless Steel)

Crowns are a long-term solution for damaged or defective teeth. Sometimes a tooth is just too broken down to hold onto a filling. When that happens, Dr. Julie may recommend a crown for your child’s tooth. Stainless steel crowns do not leach out mercury – they are solid metal (just like a spoon!) and can give your child’s tooth strength and durability. We also offer white crowns made from Zirconia. These crowns also provide strength and durability while creating a more aesthetic smile. Zirconia crowns may be recommended for teeth near the front of the mouth.

Health and Comfort for you Child

Prevention is better than cure, but we are here to help you get back to health and have a fresh new start. Problems with teeth can be an underlying cause of discomfort for your child that they might not even know how to tell you. Little ones can often live with broken down and decaying teeth that would send us grown-ups running to the dentist. Dr. Julie will help guide you to making the best decision for your child and your family. When a toothache occurs, we will help find a solution.


Sometimes that means fillings or crowns, but there are other options such as Silver Diamine Fluoride.


Silver Diamine Fluoride is a combination of the cavity stopping properties of fluoride combined with the antimicrobial properties of silver. This therapeutic product helps stop the bacteria causing cavities from growing. It arrests or stops the process from further breaking down the tooth. It does not remove the hole or cavitation already occurring on the tooth. It does not cause the tooth to “re-grow.” It is an effective means of helping kids who might not be able to tolerate treatment. It can buy us time to allow the child to grow or until we can see your child under sedation (where we can treat everything while your child is asleep.)


One unfortunate outcome of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is that it stains any part of the tooth affected by the bacteria. That stain is typically very dark black in color.


Dr. Julie will discuss all of your options and help you understand your choices.