Sedation Dentistry

Dental treatment can be scary for children. Dr. Julie makes every effort to put your child at ease. Sedation can allow all treatment to be completed in one appointment while your child is asleep.

Gentle Dentistry

First-time patients or patients that have had bad experiences in the past, can feel anxious and frightened when visiting a dentist. Dr. Julie will speak with your child and work with your family to try to make the visit more comfortable. Methods such as Tell-Show-Do may help your child to understand the process and feel more at ease. Nitrous Oxide, also called laughing gas or happy air, may be used to help reduce anxiety during appointments. Nitrous oxide can help reduce nervousness, however, it will not make your child stop feeling, talking, or thinking. Nitrous oxide can act as a distraction during the appointment. It will not make your child do or act funny like on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Nitrous Oxide will also not make your child stop feeling, so a local anesthetic to numb the tooth might also be needed. Taking a compassionate approach to helping your child and family, Dr. Julie spends time talking and listening to your and your child’s concerns. Although pediatric dentists are specially trained to help ease children’s anxiety, there are some times in which sedation is required. Whether your child has one cavity or twenty, you may elect to work with our in-office anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist provides an I.V. sedation so your child is completely asleep. While asleep, Dr. Julie can complete all of the dental treatment in one visit.

  • Nitrous Oxide for anxiety relief
  • In-Office IV Sedation with a mobile anesthesiologist

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation can provide a safe environment to complete multiple or complex dental procedures. Sedation can allow fewer trips to the office. A mobile anesthesiologist comes to our office to provide in-office IV sedation for your child. The anesthesiologist provides all of the monitoring and medical equipment to keep your child safe. The visit typically lasts one to two hours. Your child can fall asleep in your arms and wake up with a healthy smile!

Visiting The Dentist on a Regular Basis

Due to sedation being able to take away fear and anxiety, young patients enjoy a much better dentist experience, which makes them much more likely to follow recommended routine care in the future. In working with a mobile anesthesiologist, Explorer Pediatric Dentistry can help get your child back on track to loving their dental cleaning visits.