Smile Enhancements

Through prevention, guidance, and the right treatments, we can help you give your child a confident smile. We know that the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile!

Both Aesthetic and Functional

Oral health is important for any child’s development, but it should not be an either-or situation when it comes to aesthetics. Confidence comes from having both a healthy and beautiful smile. This is especially true when older kids and teenagers start becoming aware of personal appearance, it’s not uncommon for young people to feel anxious about their personal image. We offer treatments such as braces, aligners (Invisalign and Clear Correct), expanders, and esthetic bonding and whitening.

How Do We Enhance Our Little Patient’s Smiles?

From the functional point of view, at Explorer Pediatric Dentistry we provide behavior guidance and preventive care to avoid issues from happening in the first place. Misalignments, impacted teeth, cavities, tartar, and plaque, can easily be treated or prevented, providing a better look and reducing the chances of suffering from pain and discomfort.

Smile Treatments

Gummy smiles occur when the gingival tissue displays a lot when you smile. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and although it does not cause any serious issues, some people feel their gums are too prominent when they smile. With soft tissue laser treatments, this overshadowing gum can be easily reduced, making it appear less excessive.


Bonding may be needed for defects or discoloration on the teeth. This treatment can occur in one visit and provide the confidence boost your child needs.


Whitening is reserved for older teens after braces. Whitening can create the smile they can show to the world for the rest of their lives. Bring on the selfies!

We Offer A Favorable Insurance Alternative

With our Standard Child Plan, Toddler Plan, and Teen Plan, you can enjoy the best benefits of our oral care services without the need for insurance. Basic cleanings, X-rays, oral cancer screening, yearly exams, and discounts on treatments. Our membership plans are the best insurance alternative for your child’s oral health.